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About the HRE Web Portal
The Human Rights Education (HRE) Web Portal is an online teacher resource for information about human rights, providing the foundation of a comprehensive program of human rights education for students of all levels.

This project was born of our conviction that achieving human rights begins with human rights education. People cannot defend their rights, or the rights of others, if they don't know what those rights are. We believe that all students should graduate from high school with a comprehensive knowledge of their basic rights.

The HRE Web Portal provides access to a vast collection of carefully selected human rights curriculum, action projects, opportunities for service-learning and professional development resources. The curriculum can be easily searched, filtered and sorted, making it easy for educators to select materials that are relevant and appropriate for their students.

Resources are also organized by CA History-Social Studies Framework and Content Standards. Teachers can quickly find curriculum that applies thematically to the standards and framework chapter they are focused on.

At present, there are 1324 human rights curricular resources, including 187 Lesson Plans and 517 Multimedia presentations, as well as 139 professional development resources comprising documents, videos, webinars and external links.
The users of this web resource are primary stakeholders in its development. Please don't hesitate to let us know your opinions and ideas for improving the Portal. Feedback can be left on a resource-by-resource basis in the HRE Curriculum section and general feedback can be sent using the Feedback tool in the menu at left. We look forward to collaborating with you to continuously improve this site!

The HRE Web Portal was developed by Universal Human Rights Initiative (UHRI), a non-profit organization focussed on leveraging technology in the service of global human rights education. Working with partners like the United Nations, academic institutions, school districts and non-profit organizations, UHRI develops internet-based tools for increasing accessibility to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other human rights information.

The copyright of all materials available in the HRE Portal belongs to their respective authors. UHRI makes no claim of authorship or to the rights of any of the resources herein, except where otherwise indicated. We have done our best to provide attribution to the original source wherever possible. We welcome your feedback relating to authorship and attribution and will prioritize any necessary corrections.